things i love- post #7


i know.  i better enjoy it while i can, right?  remember, i worked night shift for 6 years straight.  goodness knows i've already lost countless hours of sleep.  having a sweet baby girl of my own will make up for the lack of sleep i am already experiencing and what will come.  surely. 

as soon as i get up in the morning, on most days, i am planning when i might catch a nap (not on workdays, of course) or thinking about what time i will be heading back into my bed.  sometimes there are way too many hours in between those times.  but i have to admit- i do love my sleep. 

i do not plan to co-sleep with my baby.  maybe a nap or two here and there, but as convenient as it sounds, babies have beds made for them for a reason.  we all need our own space.  babies need cool air and a harder sleep surface.  and i'd say it's much easier to get them to sleep in their own bed if they start out there to begin with.  and, it's true, i just love my own quality of sleep so much that i prefer to not be worrying about my baby being in the bed with me and jay.  i'd be too worried about suffocation risks with all the pillows i've become accustomed to being nested in for sleep. 

but back to my sleep.  i cherish it.  i don't always sleep well, especially now that my sleep is often interrupted at least once a night with a trip to the bathroom.  and soon enough it will be interrupted with middle-of-the-night feedings (the baby's and mine!).  but all those moments of shut eye will still be cherished.  i used to be able to sleep really late- like noonish.  now waking up late is sometime between 8-9am.  and if i sleep past 9:30am- i feel like i've wasted an entire morning.  but it's worth it!