doors and paint and concrete

i am very aware it has been a couple of weeks since you all have had an update... not much has been going on until just the last few days. the mudding and sanding process took awhile but things are moving in full swing again. i don't have a ton of pictures to show you, but things will be changing rapidly now so hopefully i can post more frequently. we really need to start packing and cleaning out again. that is one good thing about moving... getting rid of things unused! we will be gaining roughly 500 sq. feet of space when we move and cannot wait to feel like we can breathe and have space to live in. the flowers and trees are starting to flower and bloom here and the promise of spring and a new, fresh season is just the right addition to our upcoming change for us. the closing date is still set for april 22. we plan to move on april 29th and finish up on getting the apartment "clean and tidy" for the final inspection the following week on may 7th. the days are flying by quickly!

this was about a week ago... we had our mantle placed.

we now have a sidewalk and driveway.

you can barely see it now, but the day they poured the driveway, jay put our initials in the driveway, right near the corner of the house.

they put up the first coat of interior paint. it was a bit dark in the house as the windows are covered with plastic so i didn't take too many pictures just yet. they will add more paint next week.

this is the kitchen again, but you can see through the doorway... the little hallway between the garage and the kitchen is where the washer and dryer belong.

the standard size patio they place for you is 3 feet x 3 feet. "standard?!" is what we said. so we made ours 10' x 10' and now wish we had expanded it even larger. but it's a start.

we have interor doors now. this one belongs to the master bedroom. the one in the hall that you can see to the outside of it is the pantry. if you exit through the master bedroom into the little hallway, you will walk straight into the living room area or turn right into the kitchen. and if you really want the grand tour, you will just have to come for a visit this summer or fall!


all since tuesday....

we have walls! and ceilings! yeah! it is nice to be able to walk in our house and not see from one end to the other. the pictures of the smaller bedrooms came out sort of dark, but i will share them anyway.... and some of the pictures are a bit crooked, which i will blame on my tiredness. :) so here is our house with walls!

the kitchen

living room (kitchen is to the right)

dining room and front door

front/guest bedroom

back/office bedroom

master bedroom (closet is on left, bath on right)

another view of the master

view of the storm clouds from the kitchen window, and the back yard

vaulted ceilings in the living room

the garage (through the door is a hallway where the washer/dryer will go)


dry wall day

today the drywall begins its ascent to our framed walls. this process will take about a week... and then the painting will begin. (and since all the walls are the same color, it won't take long!) we'll go by and take some pictures later this week.


and the day will be.....

.... april 22nd. that is our closing date for the house. it will work out perfectly because it will give us two weeks to get things moved out of the apartment and cleaned up. things are moving along smoothly with the house. drywall will go up starting monday the 10th. won't be much longer!


good news!

we will know our closing date sometime this week. we have our pre-drywall orientation one day this week (yet to be determined) and we will sign off on our closing date. of course, as soon as we find out, i will let you all know!