cotton's birthday

yes. another birthday party... but this time for cotton. cotton's birthday was yesterday. she is now 3 years old. she's been a great addition to our furry collection. she's smarter than any dog should be. she loves (and i mean LOVES) to lick you, anywhere that may be good for licking. she loves to lay on our bed and the couch, mostly when she's not invited to be there, so we have to take measures to prevent this occurance. she is the "alpha female" so she listens very well to jay, but hardly at all to me, if she knows he is around. she loves walks, taking her time to do her business, and anything to do with treats. she sheds everywhere, constantly, and as soon as she sees her shedding blade, she gets ecstatic about getting groomed. we love our sweet cotton ("dot") and don't know what we would do without her.

yesterday i made some another batch of homemade dog biscuits for the girls. (barley's were peanut butter for her birthday.) cotton's are applesauce cheddar. they were super simple and the girls continue to devour them. (of course, there isn't much they don't, or wouldn't, devour!)

and, of course, it wouldn't be a party without a party hat! cotton, obviously, loves the hat (insert sarcasm), but is so tempted at the treat above the camera, and is already salivating, she will do anything, even wear the birthday hat, for a taste of the birthday biscuits.

she enjoyed the treats, too.


wordless wednesday



my latest knitting creations have to do with this...

... can you figure out what i am making?


a note about barley

how could anyone not love that sweet face? well, she does some pretty random things that aren't so lovable, but we still adore her despite all of this. for instance, if you are a pair of scissors, you best steer clear of this girl, or this might happen to you...

i had to make 2 trips to superpets the other day to purchase barley a new collar that fits. her 21 inch neck required the 26 inch collar. i thought i could get away with the 24 inch one, but wasn't lucky. but we have moved on from orange to lime green. :) she is stylin' and profilin'.

how could you not love that huge brown beast we call barley? she offers nothing but love and affection, and is happy to receive any attention thrown her way. if you ever meet her, and she sits next to you and you begin to pet her on the head, be ready for her to lean further and further until she is on the floor, belly up, waiting for you to scratch/pet it, too. she may bark at strangers, but i don't think she would ever meet one. she loves kids and cats, too, although for the life of her can't figure out why all cats don't love her. she loves to chase dave (our cat) and he actually likes it, too, although if he could talk (in words, he meows sometimes incessantly), he would deny this.

she is barley, and as we have no children except the 4-legged kind, who else could i post about? (oh, right, cotton... it is almost her birthday, so you can expect her profile soon. and dave just got his own post, so we are almost done!)


tomato hat

pregnancy is going around at work... imagine that on a mother/baby floor! jessica is having a baby soon and i hope she likes her gift. she is having a boy and has chosen a "john deere" theme for her nursery. i can't wait to see pictures of that! i have just finished part of her gift, a tomato hat. i think it turned out to be quite cute, since i made the pattern up myself!


daisy hat

*****update*****  jamie loves the hat i made for her daughter.  she said she actually has an outfit it will match, and plans to give me a picture of it all put together.  i will ask permission to post it, so you can see it all together, too.

my friend at work, jamie, had a baby in september. i just found out her favorite color is yellow. she mentioned she would love to have a yellow hat for her baby, and i told her i would be happy to knit her daughter a hat, as it is still quite chilly here. my intention, when i started it, was to make a lemon hat, similar to the apple hat. but i wasn't quite sure if it would turn out the way i wanted it to. so, instead, it has become a very cute daisy hat. i may have to make a few more...

dave's adoption/birth day

so, i adopted sweet little dave matthews february 6, 2001. yes. i have had the pleasure(?) of this furry little guy's companionship and coughed-up furballs for eight years. in addition to that, he has warmed my lap, left plenty of fur in his wake, meowed (if you can call it that) incessantly when he can see the bottom of his food bowl, meows now when the dogs have drank so much water that he can't reach it (yes, he shares the water with the dogs. he will no longer drink out of a little bowl.), and keeps me company while i blog. (right now, he is sitting against my left arm.) he's been a great cat, for the most part, and i can't believe it has been so long.



i was tagged by kate.

and my task: go to the 6th picture folder and the 6th picture and explain it. then tag 6 more people.

we took this picture on our honeymoon in gatlinburg. i believe it was taken off the deck at our little rondette/chalet. aahhh, vacation, wouldn't that be nice???
and now, i tag courtney b, courtney d, samantha, sarah, and trish. have fun!


check out this blog!

my friend, courtney, has just written her 100th post!  in honor of this post, she has decided to host a blog giveaway.  head on over to courtney's blog and check it out.  congratulations, courtney!


please pray for abby

please pray for abby.  you should be able to click this picture and read her parents' blog, but if not, you can click the button at the bottom of the right column, and find your way there as well.  abby was adopted by a God-loving family, who already had children of their own.  abby was diagnosed with leukemia last fall and has been struggling through the ups and downs of treatment.  she is in a very tough phase of her treatment and because of her genetic make-up, she is even less likely to survive and is very sick right now.  please pray for God's will and for God's love to be upon this family like nothing they have ever felt before.  pray, also, for abby to be without pain.  just pray.  thank you.