things i love- post #6

i love my sweet Cotton.  today she is 6 years old! the picture above is from the night we picked her out.  she had just eaten her dinner and had quite a full belly.

Cotton is our alpha female.  this means she doesn't really listen to me either unless she knows for certain jay is not anywhere around.  she is a faithful and loving dog who follows me around the house most days.  she is very smart- often too smart for her own good.  she's stubborn and tends to have storm anxiety.  she hates thunderstorms (and fireworks, guns, etc) and we bought a thundershirt and it works amazingly for her.  she doesn't mind the vacuum or the hairdryer, though. she and barley are opposites on those loud noises.

we have been very blessed with both of our sweet dogs.  we'll have a houseful of girls soon enough!