moving on.

we are in another transitional stage of life and are moving back to TN- back to be closer to family while mary is little.  this blog is close to max on it's photo storage and i do not want to pay for more... so, while we are moving, so is this blog!  this one will remain as is and it will continue on www.backtobna.blogspot.com.  please continue to follow us over there.  i promise it'll be full of pictures!  

18 months.

Dear Mary,

You are actually 22 months old now.  You have kept mama busy these last few months.  You are such a busy, active girl.  You learn new words every day and are starting to talk a lot more.  I can't even count all the words you know now.  I cannot wait until you start to put all those words into sentences.  It's so exciting and fun to watch you learn something new.

At your last check up in January, you were 24 lbs. 14 oz and 34 inches tall.  That made you 77% for your weight and 95% for your height.  You are definitely going to be a tall girl- maybe even taller than me!  You definitely are still a great eater and have yet to slow down with your appetite, although you are starting to get pickier about the things you are eating.  I cannot complain, though, as you seem to eat more than the usual toddler.

You have been paci-free for almost a month.  It went a lot better than mommy thought it would.  Although now you sleep with a pillow, 2 blankets, 1 lovey, and usually your Spot plush dog.  Oh, and a cup of water.  But I'll trade all of that for your paci any day.

You love going to school and playing with your friends, although, drop off isn't always very smooth these days.  But you love to dance, play outside, and do lots and lots of art projects.  You are learning a lot there and it has been good for you to be there while mama and dada work.

You will soon be 2 and I cannot believe that it is almost time for another birthday for you.  I cannot wait to see where this next year takes us!