miss me?

i originally delayed posting for awhile because i had a few things to post about and i wanted to space them out... and now it's the end of april.  i began my delay in mid-march.  oops.  but i've been busy working and catching up on sleep and trying to keep up with laundry and cleaning (and if we're being honest the keeping up with all of that part is enough work in itself) and so the blog got put on the back burner.  i am sure the world, well the maybe 10 of you who read it, are just dying to know what is going on here...

currently, it's raining and we're expecting storms overnight.  cotton has been medicated since the first thunder boomed outside and life is good.  jay and i still work completely opposite shifts.  we're hoping that changes soon.  more to come on work in a few posts from now- so, you know, in a few months or something.  haha  we went to nashville in march and visited with family and friends and had a great time.  gas was still "cheap" then at $3.20ish/gallon.  we are headed back in june for a wedding.

dave matthews (the cat, not the man with the band) may want a new home.  i don't know if i am ready for him to move on, as it's been a good 10 year relationship, but most of the family is allergic to him and always have to get hotels when they visit and he gets less attention than he needs.  he's sweet and loving and loves a lap to lay in.  if you know anyone wanting a sweet, declawed, and neutered kitty, let me know.

we still haven't forgotten the misery of the stomach virus we had 2 months ago.  but, of course, we're all recovered from that and now just suffering from allergies.  i have meniere's disease but it has been a year since diagnosis and it is well-controlled with a diuretic.  so i pee a lot but i am not as dizzy.  well, it's not really dizziness as much as just being off-balance.  but it's a lot easier to say dizzy.  and i actually prefer the British term "roomspin" so get used to it.  :)  get used to the word, not roomspin itself.  i don't wish that on anyone.  but if you have suffered it, i know you feel me on this one, and i graciously will allow you to also use the term roomspin.  in fact, i borrowed it from the gentlemen on top gear.

i think that about sums it up.  i wonder if i can find a picture to liven up this post even more (i.e. a picture i'm not planning to post later).  oh yes, here's one.  cotton loving her new toys from her mimi and pops.  two of which she promptly broke within the first 24 hours.  she's a chewer (of toys only, thankfully).  what can i say?