iPhone photo bomb, take 2!

i finally uploaded more photos from my phone!  enjoy!

she can hold her bottles like a big girl!

so happy in the mornings!

mama and mary :)

sweet sleeping girl.  love those lashes!

sweet doggies.

all ready for church!

she loves her taggie blanket... and now she realizes almost everything she has has a tag on it.

first ride in the stroller without her carseat.

in our green, ready for the asheville school game.  (CS won!)

pure sweetness.

i love our video monitor.

she used her feet to pull grover down for some monster cuddles.  

all bundled up for the first playoff football game!

mmmm.... i love my cereal.

this girl absolutely loves bathtime!

big girl in her bumbo!

rolling over!


knit3. purl1. ♥

when i started this blog, i really wanted the title to be "knit2purl1."  i had just started teaching myself to knit and many patterns have the above repeat.  i have only made one that had the pattern of "knit3purl1"- it was a dishcloth.  knit, by definition means, "to tie together" and purl means "the intertwisting of thread that knots a stitch usually along an edge."  now that we are a family of three, i think it is so fitting as we are knitting the three of us together into one family. 


pack and play.

mary loves to play in her pack and play.  we use it most for play time than anything else.  i love that i can put her in there and get things done- from a shower to laundry to dishes... and i know she'll be there when i get back, although she might be in a different position than where i originally placed her.  she's close to rolling all the way over but not quite there yet.  she can roll her hips and change her position though.  she's a busy busy girl!  she has just recently found her feet, too.  and that helped her find grover the other day in her pack and play.  she's always into something!  makes me glad that she's not rolling yet!


first food.

october 28th mary had her first taste of rice cereal.  she wasn't too sure about it at first and was probably wondering why i was feeding her breast milk from a spoon.  (i made her first sampling very thin.)  she has since had it a few more times and seems to be getting the hang of it.  she also enjoys it a little thicker and isn't having any texture issues.  we haven't made this into any sort of daily routine but it is helping her to learn to eat with a spoon.  it's a challenge at times, though, as she likes to keep her hands in her mouth, eat her bib, and try to grab the spoon to do it herself.  it's definitely not a clean adventure. 

first bite!

i am certain we got more on her face and bib than in her mouth!


pretty pachyderm.

we celebrated mary's first halloween.  it was very low-key.  seriously, does a 4 month old really need any candy?  and goodness knows we don't!  mary dressed up at dinner for the school costume contest and then was ready for a nap!  we'll definitely trick-or-treat next year.  mary's gigi/grandma (jay's mom) bought her costume, keeping with the elephant theme we have going.  she, i must say, is the cutest elephant i've ever seen.  but you can see for yourself!