in between

so we were back in nashville this past weekend. it was weird being there because when we are here (in asheville) we still call nashville "home." but when we were in nashville, we were calling asheville "home." everything was flat and hot there. again, i don't know how we ever made it through summers without melting. we are so spoiled here in asheville. the weather pattern is like it is in the northeast because we are in the mountains. i think the hottest day we have had all summer has been 89 degrees... and it was only there for about 3 hours before cooling back off. so needless to say, when we pulled into nashville on thursday at 7:30pm and it was still 93 degrees, we didn't want to get out of the car. the humid air was suffocating. this week we have been in the 70's. it has been rainy and overcast most of the week so far. but i am not complaining. anyway... when we got back to nashville it seemed like we had been on an extended vacation. but, to me, it seemed right to be going back "home" towards the east. jay said that didn't seem right to him just yet. so that is the point we are at now. we have been out of town so much we haven't been very regular at church. but there is one church that has a younger population (which is hard to find in an episcopal church) so we are looking forward to going back there and starting some friendships. we are house-hunting at the moment. we have found one we really like. it has a fenced in backyard. partially finished basement/garage. covered front porch (big enough for my standards!). 4 bed/2.5 bath. 1576 sq. feet. nice neighborhood. and in our price range. hopefully we can go see the inside of it soon and it will be available when we are ready. it will need some paint inside... the kitchen/LR/diningroom seem to be a pale pinkish/mauve color. that would not do. but anyway, we will keep you posted on that. alright. that is it for us.


in nashvegas

well, we are back in nashville for the weekend. how do you stand the heat down here? it is at least, except for this weekend, always 15 degrees warmer than it is in asheville. crazy. we are spoiled already. but we are down here and the dogs are at sparky's and everyone is undoubtedly having a good time.



the watermelon lemonade is much better on day 2. :)


life lesson and random babbling

so, you can learn a lot by watching others, correct? well, here is what i have learned today.

*before putting on a skin-skimming knit dress, make sure your thongs don't hug your fat and make rolls in your knit dress. looking like a sausage is not flattering. on anyone. why? because SPANDEX IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT!*

so, that is the lesson for today. and this girl was not fat. but any clothing worn the wrong way can make you look fat.

oh, and i fixed things on here so if anyone desires they can easily add a comment!

i started my first week of night shift last week. it was very nice. i feel like i am back in my world again. when you look out the window and know the world out there is asleep. that is normal and comforting.

i made watermelon lemonade today. interesting flavor combination. if it sounds intriguing, i will share the recipe.

and remember, the most important information you can get from this blog is that 2 weeks from today is my birthday. i will accept gifts from now until the end of august, in case time slips by you. haha just kidding. (well, not really.)

speaking of birthdays, mamaw conkin's birthday is july 13. she will be 90!!!

and, just for fun, i will leave you a picture of a very sweet baby named harrison. he is now 4 months old. and, by looking at his picture, quite ready for summer :)