things i love- post #4

 surely you didn't think i'd forget to post about my valentine on valentine's day?  of course not.  i just happen to be working.  sshhh...

 this is my favorite picture from our honeymoon.  we had a sudden change of plans and ended up in the mountains instead of at the beach.  but it didn't matter.  we were together.

if i love my husband then i also have to love his love for land cruisers.  we were dating when he bought his first one in 2004 and we have not lacked one since.  

i love that he doesn't always take things seriously.  sometimes i forget to have fun and he helps me with this.  this year marks our 8th valentine's day together.  although, today, i worked all day and he had classes part of the day.  but he cleaned up a mess the dogs made and vacuumed and that's gift enough for me!  last year we received some devastating news on valentine's day that forever changed our lives- jay's dad was not expected to live and we would have to wait 2 more days beyond the 14th after some testing to assure he had no more brain function.  he and i were just getting over a terrible stomach virus and were not able to travel until february 16th.  so now valentine's day will always mark the years since his dad passed away.  tomorrow we will get to see our baby on ultrasound and learn who is in there- a boy or a girl.  it is a bittersweet week for us and i love that we have each other for all of life's ups and downs.