babies and showers

so, remember when i mentioned we had a great baby shower for becca and hannah grace?  remember sweet hannah grace?  how could you forget this sweet face...

look how chubby she's getting.  hannah grace is up to 3 1/2 lbs- probably more by now.  well, back to the baby shower... remember also how i said my cousin angel was our photographer?  she did an awesome job and i wanted to share some of her photos.  if you live in the middle tennessee area and are looking for a great photographer, check her out.  she's amazing!  www.angelparduephoto.com

it was great for angel to be there taking the pictures so that we had one less thing to worry about as hostesses.

becca's mom, margaret, and sister, rachel

thanks again, angel!  we all ready appreciate you.



waters are receding in nashville.  they are experiencing lots of sunshine, thankfully, and only have a little bit of rain in their upcoming forecasts so this is a huge blessing as they continue to clean up.  for those of you who read mckmama's blog, she recently sponsored a fund raiser (and a giveaway) and raised enough money to fill an entire semi truck full of food for "feed the children."  she could choose to send this truck anywhere in the united states.  where did she decide to send it you ask?

to nashville.  (you can read about it if you click here.)

here's another video that has been created.  it's not from the news.  it's put together with words from a nashvilian.  thanks for caring, everyone!


epic flooding in nashville

i think most of you, my dear blog readers, know that i grew up in and around nashville, tn for 27 years of my life.  it is just recently that i have become a resident of asheville, nc.  i am proud to be a nashville native.

many of you may or may not know that nashville and surrounding areas were inundated with anywhere from 13-24 inches of rain within a 24-36 hour period.  no area can handle this much rain.  there are many rivers around the area, the largest being the cumberland river which runs through downtown nashville.  this much rain in such a short time caused serious flash flooding that has claimed homes, businesses, nashville landmarks including the opryland hotel, country music hall of fame, the grand ole opry house, and, of course, the worst loss is of life.  10 lives in nashville have been lost, 17 total in tennessee, and up to 29 total within 3 states.  people left their homes with the shirts on their backs and that is all they have left.

unfortunately with the oil spill in the gulf and the car bomb in nyc, nashville seems to have been forgotten.  lost in the shuffle.  i am saddened by the lack of national news coverage.  people are hurting and the city is suffering and they need help.

the following video is a 1 minute snippet of news on msnbc.com.  this doesn't even begin to describe the devastation that is in and around nashville.

nashville isn't the only area devasted by the rain and the storms. it is spread over the southeast. nashville and the surrounding areas have been hit the worst and is obviously near and dear to my heart.  if you would like to donate, please visit the middle tennessee red cross website and donate whatever you can.  if you can do nothing else, just pray for safety and healing for nashville and the southeast.