january snow

it's another winter wonderland around here... we got 13 inches at our house this time. 3 more than december's big storm. i got to work, thanks to jay, on friday around 5pm and my manager brought me home this morning (sunday) after my shift ended. we got paid to sleep at work, if we were stuck, and received a few free meals, too. after sleeping in my own bed today, i got up to take a few pictures of the snow and the dogs playing...


"master" dave

this is what his mimi (my mom) calls him. dave (and his fur) have been in my life for almost 9 years (the exact date of his adoption was 2/6/01). he was already a "young adult" when i found him at the williamson co. animal shelter, so that makes him somewhere near the ripe old age of 11 or 12. he's not quite as frisky as he used to be but you'd never know he's been kickin' it around this earth for that long. he is still a meticulous groomer. he loves to sit in my lap when it's empty. he loves to lay in the sunshine, too, and can often be found sharing the same sunbeam as barley. he loves toy mice, catnip-filled or otherwise. he tolerates playing with the dogs, however, he sometimes is the instigator. he's sassy, particular, needs a new "meow," and some patience (ha!), but has been a very sweet companion. dave seems to get lost in the blog shuffle, so i thought i would post about him and his upcoming anniversary day a little early, so he isn't forgotten... and who could forget his furry face anyway. (these photos are from today, as he kept creeping up on the camera.)

he looks so mean in these two pictures, but he's so not.

i think this is as close to a cat smile as you can get.

(i think he knew i was posting about him... he is now kneading my lap.)

the iphone

well, it was a hard choice, but we have officially left verizon and made the switch to at&t. we have purchased* iphones and now have service, all without contracts. it is an amazing smart phone and so far, we have been satisfied with the service and maps. i love the features and ease of the system. of course, the apps are awesome, too. this has been the first phone jay hasn't complained about in a months time of usage, too. so far, so good, apple. keep up the good work.

*jay traded his blackberry storm for his iphone. he found mine on craig's list (?), so having our own equipment means no contract... which means if verizon ever gets the iphone, we will likely change back.

i will say the case selection is slim, but i found one i surprisingly really like.


that's right. as of january 15, sweet, precious barley is now 3. in human years, she's legal! thank goodness she's a dog. what has changed with barley? not much. she's lost some weight. she still stays in her "house" when we're out because she likes to eat things that she shouldn't. she loves loves loves to lay in the sunshine as it streams through the windows and will follow the sunbeams around the room. she still absolutely loves to chase dave. she loves to play with her toys and is getting better at playing fetch. she is still our "protector" and barks at strangers and strange cars from time to time. oh, and she still loves meal time. our hearts and home would definitely be empty without her.


feeling crafty

i am in a total bird phase right now. i guess i have been for about a year or so now. birds & owls, too. from scrub tops to blog backgrounds (the birds will come back) to necklaces, they are slowly invading my life. i think it is becoming a bigger trend than just for me, but i'll just pretend i started it. ha!

so, imagine my surprise when i went to michael's yesterday looking for a rubber stamp. i had everything i needed to make thank you notes except something that said "thank you." well, i found a cute little bird version of one for $6.99. not a bad price. so i found a few cute scrapbooking papers and some cardstock and was ready to check out. my grand total at the check out was less than $5. what?! i love finding out i caught a major sale when i didn't even know. my stamp was $1. made me want to price check some others i found in the same section. but i didn't. what i did do, however, was make some super cute thank you notes. check them out. who knows... one may be headed to your mailbox right now!


a noteworthy day

jay and i had our first date 6 years ago today.
we met for coffee at portland brew and after talking for 2 hours he asked me to go to dinner. we went to chez jose's near vanderbilt. (it is closed now.)
i made him meet me at portland brew, which is no where near where i lived (or him, for that matter), in case he happened to be crazy and a stalker so that he wouldn't know where i lived! ha!
obviously that was not the case.
and as they say, the rest is history.

(my fave pic from our honeymoon)