no more pictures. for now...

so i have run out of "free space" for pictures according to google.  i can pay $2.50/month for extra storage but it would eventually run out, too.  our friend and school tech guy is going to help me set up my own domain.  i will have to pay for it but it'll be a lot cheaper (like $10/year).  so be on the lookout for a post about the name change.  until then, i can write posts i just can't post pictures.  i will go back and add them once we get it all changed over...  thanks for being patient!

5 months.

Dear Mary,

Time keeps flying by and here you are 5 months old.  You continue to grow and learn new things almost every day.  You had your 4 month check up with Dr. Love a few weeks ago.  You were 13 lbs. 7.5 oz and 25 inches long.  You still breastfeed (or take breast milk from a bottle) and you have started having some cereal and a few fruits and veggies.  You like rice cereal better than oatmeal.  And you have had sweet potatoes, applesauce, green beans, and bananas.  You make some funny faces but like most of it after awhile.

You have been rolling from your back to your belly for almost a month now but you were only turning to your right side.  Now you are finally turning both directions.  And you are starting to finally remember how to roll back over to your back from your belly.  You mastered that skill a long time ago but seem to forget how to do it.  You are also starting to sit up.  You usually sit up in the boppy or with mommy sitting behind you in the floor.  You are getting stronger but still fall over a lot.

You are still a great sleeper and you have gone from napping in your swing to napping in your bed.  You still like being swaddled but I fear it won't be long before we have to break that habit.  You are still a fairly happy girl and smile with your entire face.  You are curious about everything!  Your favorite toys right now are your squishy blocks (especially the ones that crinkle) and your Taggie blanket.

We still haven't seen any teeth yet but you are chewing on everything in sight.  They really seem to bother you and we are trying all sorts of things to help you.  You are "talking" and wake up squealing and chatting to yourself.  You love the dogs and smile when they are close to you and reach out to pet them.  You also love Sesame Street- especially Elmo!  You smile whenever he is on the screen.

You are a true joy and I can't wait to enjoy the magic of Christmas with you!