things i love- post #2

i love my sweet dog barley.  she just celebrated her 5th birthday in january.  she does tend to get into trouble and has a new bad habit of surfing the counter for bread (really?) but she's still a great dog.  she's lazy to a fault.  she can't fetch reliably to save her life.  she is smarter than she lets on.  she loves a good belly rub.  and she's a great companion for an afternoon nap.  she loves stuffed animals that squeak and is always ready for her next meal.  she hates the hair dryer and the vacuum but could care less about fireworks and thunderstorms.  she loves the water- especially if it's out of the hose- and every time she swims she seems to forget how- it's quite ungraceful!  but she's my barley and even when i'm mad at her, it never lasts for long.