mary has experienced a lot of firsts lately.  of course, she is so little, most everything she experiences is a first but some things are too fun and special not to share.  so this post will be mostly pictures.  i am sure you don't mind.

first "big girl" bath!

she definitely loves bath time a lot more now that she's sitting in the water.  we've moved up to using the rest of the baby bath tub in my bath tub because she's getting so much longer.  she outgrew the sink!

first time playing on her floor mat!

she loves the bright, contrasting colors.  we get the most "talking" out of her on that mat or in her bed looking at her baby einstein mirror.

first trip on the blue ridge parkway

it was a beautiful day and we took mom up to eat at the pisgah inn.  i hadn't been up on the parkway all summer either so we all enjoyed the trip up and mary was so good.

first time in her bumbo!
she is loving this seat more and more.  (and yes, we ordered the safety belt.  and no, we never plan to sit her up on a table or counter and leave her there.  or leave her in it unattended, for that matter.)

first time to church!

we are actually back home from church in these pictures but we wanted a trial run before we took her the next week for her baptism.  she is wearing the dress i wore home from the hospital 33 years ago.  she loved church, too.  she looked around quietly most of the time almost as if she was putting the sounds together with the place.  she was always very active during church when i was pregnant.  i hope she'll always love going to church!

first bottle fed by her pops!


the boys are back in town.

that's right.  school is back in session.  we are halfway through our first week back.  we had our maximum enrollment of 256 in early august and a few decided not to come but we are still very full with lots of new students and our returning students.  it has kept me very busy but it has been smooth-sailing this year as far as work goes.

but, of course, work means not spending all of my free time with mary anymore. conveniently, she is right across the hall so i at least get to see her more often than i would with any other job.  i am very blessed.  my nurse team has been very sweet to come in extra this week to help out so we can get all of our papers organized and filed.  i love my girls!

mary is growing like a weed!  okay.  she's growing like a healthy baby!  she will be two months old on sunday.  best guess is that she weighs about 10 pounds and is 22 1/2 inches long.  she doesn't have her two month doctor appointment until september 7th. she will get her first round of vaccinations then.

i will have to upload new pictures soon, but here is one i took of her at about 3 weeks.  we were trying to have a newborn photo shoot.  i got lots of pictures but my favorite is this one:

she was yawning!

and here are her sweet little feet...


iPhone photo bomb!

so i am no photographer but i am so glad to have a decent camera on my phone.  it comes in handy to capture some of the sweetest moments with mary.  she is such a joy and has been sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours at night for the last week!  yay!  i have been getting more sleep now than i will once school gets back in full swing.  i am spoiled.  i just hope it lasts.

anyway, i have tons of great pictures to share from my phone.  i'm sure you don't mind...

in the hospital- not even 24 hours old

sorry it's blurry.  blame jay!  she would only open her eyes when i would sit her up to burp!

wearing elephant jammies from her pops.  i love them so much he is going to buy them in every size!

first nap in her crib.

first trip to the pediatrician.  she looked so teeny in her carseat.

she loves her bouncy seat.

sweet times with mama

2 week visit and weight check

2 week check up

sweet angel

bright eyed on my birthday

sacked out with her minky burp cloth and her elephant lovey.

one of her first real smiles

sweet naps.  (she only naps occasionally on her tummy and she is always watched.)

i have a lot more but i still need to upload them to my computer.  these above are just some of my favorites.  it's hard to believe it's been over 6 weeks since she was born.  she's growing so fast!


before & after.

39 weeks pregnant- Mary came 4 days later.

Mary's at 4 weeks!