wordless wednesday


please pray

SECOND UPDATE: becca's husband brad said that becca should be getting off her ventilator today and is doing much better. little hannah had a minor set back when they tried to remove her ventilator so she is back on one, but is quickly recovering. i will let you all know more soon. all you lurkers out there... keep praying and say hello!

UPDATE: becca's dad stated this morning in his update that becca is stable and they expect a full recovery/turn around in 24-48 hours. daddy brad reports that little hannah is currently on a ventilator (which is completely normal for a 28 week baby) and they hope to move her off of it in a couple of days. both of these girls are getting better. thanks for the prayers. keep them going up!

hey everyone! please pray for my friend, becca. she is currently in the hospital (in ICU) with complications from pre-eclampsia. her baby, hannah grace, was delivered at 28 weeks. she is 2 lbs. 3 oz. and 14 inches long. hannah grace is doing great in the NICU. daddy/husband, brad, is obviously sleep-deprived and stressed. i am sure the grandparents and aunt and uncle are stressed and worried, too. please keep them in your prayers. i will post updates as i receive them. thank you!


wordless wednesday


i win!

there are many blogs that i follow and many of the blog authors/blog friends host giveaways. there is a very sweet girl in london, england, named rebecca, who recently hosted a giveaway for some very cute bracelets at one of her favorite shops. she randomly picked two winners and i am one of them! i have never won a giveaway that i have entered and i am so excited. here is a preview of what is coming my way. i get to choose my colors and it includes one bracelet with the pearls on organza ribbon and one beaded pearl bracelet. i think they're adorable.


puppy play days

jay was working on his truck the other day with his friends and one friend brought his chocolate lab over who happens to be cotton and barley's friend... whew! they had a blast having an impromptu play date with ramsey. after some romping around inside and outside, they all finally settled down and i was able to take a few pictures. sweet girls!