...as is...

i know i have promised pictures of the house since we moved in.... and i have some pictures. just be aware that we have been slacking up some on the unpacking of boxes and still have not hung up any pictures, as we are waiting to decide about painting first. but, this is our house from front to back. consider this your "tour" that will look better the next time you see it! (and, of course, there are some pet pictures, too, showing off their favorite parts of the house.)

our humble abode (today is a beautiful day!)

we thought we would add a little humor to everyone's visit (read the doormat)

the living room (not normally so unkempt)

the dining room (aka dog and box central)

guest room (catch-all room)

the office (most of those boxes are empty.)

the laundry "hall" (with door leading to garage)

the kitchen

master bedroom

the man room, i mean, garage

our little plants... basil and marigolds. helping to keep the flies at bay.

our back patio, complete with his and her adirondack chairs which jay assembled and i stained.

appropriate door mat for the back door

new bones. the dogs favorite part of the house.

dave showing you where he likes to lay in the sun :)


laughter is the best medicine.

so maybe it is just me, but it looks like barley is totally cracking up in this picture. (i was uploading a bunch of pictures to walgreens for my recent order and clicked on this one, but when it is smaller, you don't really see the detail. after picking up the pictures, i was thumbing through them and this one made me laugh out loud.) maybe it is because i know the true personalities of my dogs so well. take cotton, for example. the look on her face in this picture is clearly saying, "barley is so stupid. why did you pick this puppy? there were others to choose from. i know there were. clearly, i am a fine specimen of labradors. barley... not so much. she's embarassing me." and sweet barley, is just sitting there with her huge smile, so huge she had to close her cute little eyes, and if dogs could laugh, i think she would be doing so out loud. just like i laugh at her very frequently. so take it from barley and from me, laugh. it'll make you feel better.


summer breeze/ makes me feel fine

ok. so i am totally ready for the summer to get here and stay. we have been enjoying some lovely weather here and i am looking forward to when the warm temperatures come and stay. jay tends to like the cold and wintery days. don't get me wrong, i love to curl up near the fire and enjoy some hot tea or hot chocolate and wear my warm scarves and sweaters. but i also love the warm breezes that blow. (although, living across the road from a dairy farm... the warm breezes do not smell so good! mmm... "country livin'!") anyway, i decided to give the blog a new look to encourage that summery feeling. so let me know how you like it and if the colors seem to work. (and you can find your own new, cute template, by following the link on my page to cute blogs!)

a baby blanket

ok. so last spring i tried to knit a baby blanket for courtney. i had only been knitting for about 2 months when i attempted to tackle such a large task. it didn't turn out so hot. i still have the mess of yarn... i may let dave lay on it. haha so, when i found out my friend from work, rebecca, was expecting, i decided maybe i would try to make a blanket again. and i did. and it turned out beautifully, if i say so myself. little baby hank is due may 31. i hope i can share a picture of him enjoying his blanket one day, too. but here is the finished piece.



we finally have our dsl hooked up... at least until cable gets added down in our part of the neighborhood. right now we have dish network and att. sooner or later we will have mediacom. anyway. we are back and i will take some pictures and post them soon of how the house looks with our stuff in it. you'll have to mind the boxes that are still strewn about but it is taking shape. also, change of address cards will be hitting your mailboxes soon, so watch for those! we'll be in touch!


no internet

we still have internet at the apartment (which is where we are now) but not yet in the new home. so after tomorrow i will be on here just every now and then until we get our dsl installed... and att doesn't know when that will be. so once we get things back rolling and download some more pictures, we will get things posted again. if you need to tell us something, call our cell phones!! we will also get out change of address cards in the next couple of weeks, too. thanks for hanging in there!