WW- week 3.

we are still getting settled around here and school started back this week so life has definitely been busy!  i am not complaining by any means but we're still trying to get into what our new routine will be.  i am definitely enjoying my first whole weekend off this month.  mom came and visited and helped us a lot from helping with registration at school and she even did some laundry.  (okay.  a lot of laundry.)

but yes, it's been 3 full weeks of weight watchers.  ww "yelled" at me this week for losing too much weight.  little do they know i am not even exercising like i should be.  so here's the latest weigh in results...

starting weight:  168 lbs.
previous weight:  163 lbs.
week 3 weight:  160.8 lbs

Difference:  -2.2 lbs

3 week total:  -7.2 lbs!!!

i wish i had pictures of anything- but i don't.  i'll try to get pics of anything soon!


WW- week 2.

This will be a quick update.  It's been a busy week at work getting ready for registration and welcoming our boys back to school!  It's been crazy!

Week 1 weight:  164.8
Week 2 weight:  163

Difference:  -1.2 lbs

2 week total:  5 lbs!

Yeah for progress!!!


WW- week 1.

it's time for the first update on my latest trial with weight watchers.  i definitely noticed that i was hungry this week.  i think i wrote a post about that!  eventually the hunger goes away.  on weight watchers, you are given a daily allotment of points and then you are given weekly points to "dip into" if you have to/need to.  they encourage you to use them, however, if you start to plateau in your weight loss, they suggest you not use any until you catch back up.  anyway...

i get 29 points to use daily.  everyone's daily points differ depending on their starting weight, gender, bmi, etc.  food & beverages are totaled up depending on how many fat grams, carbohydrates, grams of fiber, and grams of protein they have.  you don't have to eat strictly "diet food." you can splurge when you want and use those extra points- everyone is given 49 each week.

okay.  onto the weigh in.

starting weight:  168 lbs.
week 1 weight:   164.2 lbs.
weight loss total:  -3.8 lbs.

that's great motivation to keep up the hard work!!!


day four.

i'm not gonna lie.  i'm hungry.  maybe that means weight watchers is already working.  i really don't feel like i am eating more or less than i was before- at least for breakfast and lunch.  i guess i was snacking a lot more than i am now.  with ww points plus- (almost) all fruits and veggies are 0 points so when you want a snack between meals, a piece of fruit or some raw veggies is a great place to start without ruining your day.  that'll help to form some good habits for sure!  i'll let you know how it keeps going and i will definitely keep updating at least weekly with weigh-ins.  and i still never took a before picture from saturday but here's one of jay and myself in june.


my lips are in love.

it's true.  they are so in love with a new (to me) lip balm that i am not allergic to!  that makes me so happy.  the catch is that i don't know (because i haven't looked it up yet) if they sell it here in the states.  my sweet and dear friend, ashley, sent it to me for my birthday from south africa.

before i met my new love, my current favorite was aveeno.  i have only found it at target and usually buy 3-4 at a time.  at least now i have 2 lip balms to choose from.  it's nice to have options again.  and my lips are in love.  (if you have seen labello here in the states, comment and let me know where!)


weight watchers. for real this time.

so i fell off the wagon back in february.  yep.  it's been that long.  jay and i both started weight watchers back towards the end of january.  and then the stomach virus that could only have been a gift from satan himself attacked us.  and while we were recovering from that- jay's dad died.  and then it was pretty much all down hill from there.  i was eating worse while working day shift than i did on nights.  i found every excuse i could to not exercise- however, working two jobs will make it tricky.  (see, there's one!)  we ate poorly.  i blame whoever introduced me to thai food- in particular, the pineapple, chicken thai fried rice.  (there's another one!)  i signed a contract to be the head nurse at school in april- and couldn't say anything to anyone here until i put in my notice in june.  i turned it in early because i was tired of telling little white lies.  and then as we started packing up, i packed up a lot of the kitchen and then i couldn't cook as much.  and i am telling you- as soon as i start going back to the Y and getting back into exercise- i get sick.  really.

i have never gained weight as quickly as i have this summer.  i don't know if it's my age or a change in my metabolism plus the added stress over the last six months.  i have no idea.  i am apparently "healthy" according to my doctor (with a slight increase in my total cholesterol, which he is not concerned about).  i am  tired of feeling tired and crappy and having clothes that don't fit.

so it's time to make a change and stick to it!  no more excuses.  and, really, how could i not exercise when i live on a 500 acre campus?  it's not like i don't have a place to take a walk!  once i finish typing this i plan to take the dogs on a long walk around campus.  they are antsy and i am too (and it'll help me procrastinate in the unpacking process).

so, i am putting it out there for those of you who know me and those of you who don't.  (there sure are a lot of people who end up on my blog who NEVER leave comments.  please comment if you want to!)

Week 1.  Weigh in day.  Starting weight:  168 lbs.
I am supposed to take a starting picture.  I'll have to do that later.  Maybe I'll post it.  That would be great motivation!  Wish me luck!  Are any of you out there on the weight loss journey or starting your own?


unpacking something new.

packing up to move is definitely no where nearly as fun as packing for vacation...  i said this earlier this week and meant it 100%.

unpacking after moving is definitely more fun than unpacking after vacation.  i mean this, too.

there is so much anticipation when you pack for vacation.  it's usually some place fun.  you are going to escape life's worries and troubles and hopefully you get to relax.  maybe sit in the ocean and soak in some vitamin D where "the only worry is the tide gonna reach my chair."  

and while i may not see the beach before the end of 2011, there won't be that dread of having to unpack at the end of a relaxing week.  instead...

this is my new view as i am unpacking to begin a new adventure.  we moved into our provided housing at Christ School and i am embarking on a new point in my career as a nurse, a new sense of community living on campus at a boarding school (and i never lived on-campus at college), and a time to simplify some areas of life and have a fresh, new start.  



it's amazing what you come across while you are packing up a house.  i found a card from a friend/coworker of mine from williamson medical center that she gave me before we moved from tennessee to north carolina.  i loved what it says and find it still fits our lives now.

Listen to your heart...
follow your own star
and dream your own dream.

There wouldn't be a sky
full with shimmering stars
if we were all meant to wish on the same one.

There has never been
and there will never be
a dream exactly like your own,
because you are so wonderfully unique.

As you follow your dream,
always do your best-
there are no shortcuts
on the path to true happiness-
so give all that you have
in all that you do.

And above all things,
believe in yourself,
for you are as amazing
as the stars themselves.

-Linda Staten


stream of consciousness.

movers come on thursday!  i am in the "if it's not in a box yet, it's gonna be in one soon" mode.  i don't care if it came from the bathroom or the kitchen.  okay.  i do care.  i will not mix those items!  but if it's laying around it's gonna end up in some cardboard.  or the garbage can.  or the recycle bin.  and wow, pat sajak's hair is super fake blonde/beige.  yep.  wheel of fortune is on.  i am getting hungry.  the dogs, i'm sure, are hungry.  they are always hungry.  and bored.  i have a couple of new bones stashed away for them to keep them occupied later and they are going to sparky's wednesday through thursday.  dave goes to his new home tomorrow.  sounds like he's gonna be an indoor/outdoor cat.  we'll see how that goes... he's a bit spoiled.  haha!  i'm sure he'll let them know where he wants to be.  :)  i am less of a pack rat than i used to be, but good Lord, between jay and myself (and our furballs), we have accumulated a lot of stuff in the last 3 years.  at least moving helps to purge some of the junk.  it's hard to believe we were the first people to live in this house and we've only been here 3 years.  it's great to start fresh in a fresh place.  we are so lucky that they renovated our apartment for us at school.  fresh paint, a new kitchen and guest bath await us there.  there is so much to do and i guess i should get up and keep moving.  make some dinner.  feed the dogs.  fill up some more boxes.  take some more stuff over to our new place.  watch the bachelorette and see who ashley chooses!  (i love cheesy tv reality drama!)  that's what's on my agenda.  one day at a time, too.