happy 2nd birthday!

laughing at aunt stacie

today is my sweet niece's 2nd birthday! it is hard to believe that she has been in this world for 2 years. i feel like i was just writing a post about her 1st birthday. but she is now 2, and officially on her way (although i think she already got a head start), into toddlerhood. even though we are not close in proximity, i love having a niece and i enjoy seeing her as much as possible. her mommy has a blog (and is on facebook) so technology makes it easy to keep up with how she is growing and changing. happy birthday, courtney!

1st Christmas... growling at the camera!

this past Christmas (playing with elmo)


Courtney said...

ooh, you need to try to win Courtney one of those cute tutu's on my blog. :)