(my first official) "not me! monday"

so, what is "not me! monday?" it is many things... cheap therapy for one. as it states above, it is being brutally honest and living to tell about it. it is a way of admitting things you have done by saying you've never done them. this began with mckmama, and has spread through the blogging world like wild fire. so this is my first monday... let's see how it goes.

just a few minutes ago, i totally did not almost start this post instead of taking my dogs out to the bathroom. and it was not because my one dog had just started to whine, which meant she needed to go out and poop. and it totally did not mean she would still take at least 5 minutes to do her business outside. i could have finished this post and then taken her out and then the time from door to "business" would have been almost immediate. i never would think of making her wait. not me.

and, because everyone who knows me knows that i keep my house spotless 24/7, knows that i would never ever let dishes pile up in my sink. i would never leave clean dishes in the dishwasher instead of emptying it and letting the dirty ones sit in the sink for days while i work. and i would never think that my sweet husband might get the nice idea of emptying the dishwasher and reloading it so that the sink wouldn't be so full, since i was sleeping all day and working all night. i would never leave them in the sink on purpose, just to see if that would happen. never.

and i would never ever complain about having the worst work schedule between last week and this week. never. my schedule is so normal. now, yes, i do work nights, so that takes the normal out of it already, but this isn't the issue. the issue is that after working last thursday, friday, and saturday night, i was off sunday, had to swap days this week so i work tonight (monday), tuesday, then off wednesday, then have a mandatory recertification class thursday and then work thursday night. who would complain about that? not me. and who might get a bit snippy and grumpy with friends and loved ones? most certainly not me. (although i think i warned everyone that that might happen, and if not then i truly am sorry about that.)

see how that works? it is good therapy. try it sometime!


Cathy said...

Welcome to Not Me Monday! Great first list! What is it with husbands and not emptying the dishwasher...or at least washing what is in the sink??? I don't get it...do they NOT see it??