peaceful quiet

i normally don't enjoy giving up my weekends to work, but that is typically what happens every other week, so such is life. but i do like coming home on sunday mornings. the city isn't moving yet and everything is very "still" and it is nice to enjoy that peace. i feel like it is only mine (and every other night shift employees). today, i drove home while it was beginning to snow and the snow only seemed to enhance the peaceful quiet of the city, town, neighborhood that isn't quite awake and moving yet. i took a few pictures, but they cannot do the beautiful, cloudy, snowy morning any justice. but, because it hardly ever snows at our house, i will show you what we have gotten in the last hour of our flurry.

on an animal update (because, of course, you need one), dave has been needing some grass in his diet and has been sneaking out the door with the dogs and grabbing a bite off the "salad bar" that is our yard. so, this morning, he darted out again for a snack. i'm pretty sure the grass is frozen, but hey, he seemed satisfied.