please pray for abby

please pray for abby.  you should be able to click this picture and read her parents' blog, but if not, you can click the button at the bottom of the right column, and find your way there as well.  abby was adopted by a God-loving family, who already had children of their own.  abby was diagnosed with leukemia last fall and has been struggling through the ups and downs of treatment.  she is in a very tough phase of her treatment and because of her genetic make-up, she is even less likely to survive and is very sick right now.  please pray for God's will and for God's love to be upon this family like nothing they have ever felt before.  pray, also, for abby to be without pain.  just pray.  thank you.


Courtney said...

It's like the St. Jude commercial "give thanks for the healthy kids in your life". I'm very thankful. And praying for sweet Abby.