i am not a big resolution maker, but this year, my goal is to learn more technical stitches and knitting techniques.  i would love to be able to make more things... besides the scarves, hats, and dishrags that i have learned to make.  i need to find some classes, get some new books and magazines, join a knitting group, form a knitting group... something!  so that is my resolution.  if it takes the entire year, then so be it.  

did any of you make resolutions?  if so, what are some of them?  please feel free to share.


Brad and Becca said...

Boy howdy! I started thinking of resolutions in December. So much to do, so little time... I think one of my biggest goals this year is to be more fiscally responsible, stick to a budget, avoid overspending on stupid impulse buys at Target (curse you, Target!). I also want to focus on being healthier, eating more fruits and veggies, being active more (hopefully I'll lose some weight as a result). I guess those are pretty typical. I would also like to complete a project instead of starting it, getting bored halfway through and moving on to something else. I wish you were closer, too so we could work on our crafty projects together! :)