barley's birthday party

well, we normally don't have people over when we do anything for our dogs birthdays, but when your friends have a 4-year-old who previously asked if he could come to their parties... well, then, a party it is. :) barley turns 2 on the 15th (thursday). i will be at work that night so i decided to celebrate a bit early. it's not like barley even knows what a birthday is, much less her own, right?! so we had our friends over and made grilled chicken sandwiches and fries. after dinner, harley (my favorite 4-year-old) and i made homemade peanut butter dog treats for the girls, with one big special one to serve as barley's "birthday cake." (she had to have a cake, too.)we had a great time, and while initially worried there would be flour all over the floor, there was nothing to worry about as barley and cotton licked every bit of flour spilled right up. here are some pictures of our evening of fun.

rolling and cutting out the first batch of cookies. harley enjoyed the flour, too.

if you look at the end of barley's nose, you can see a bit of flour. (harley, very sweetly, kept telling the girls we were making them treats and they would love them. it was very cute.)

i am showing you a picture of my rear just to show you how much fun harley had!

batch number two cooling off so we could put the "icing" in the middle and make sandwiches.

the first attempt to get a self shot of me and harley...

...success, although, you can still see cotton was trying to be in the shot.

look at those 3 sweet babies!



we had a great time and the girls are still enjoying their treats. we had plenty, so we sent some home with matt and alicia to share with orion, too. (and i'm sure i am not the only person who celebrates their dogs birthdays, either!)


Brad and Becca said...

I love it!!! So cute!!! Harley looks like he had a lot of fun- I love all the flour all over his sweet, little face and pants. And no, you are not the only one who celebrates doggie birthdays- Aiko turns 7 in February and Aggie will be 6 in March! They'll have parties. :) Give sweet Barley a birthday kiss from me (and give Cotton one just because). Happy Birthday, Barley!

sweet life said...

What a great dog mommy you are!! Hope all is well.

anita said...

Looks like Harley and you had a great time making the birthday treats! What sweet memories! Happy Birthday to Barley tomorrow and Cotton was just wanting to give you kisses for making the treats! Give Barley and Cotton hugs & kisses from their "mimi"!