SNOW... and other random items

snow day

yes. it is true, we actually have snow in our yard! it is flurrying right now, but the sun is shining brightly and the frozen streets have melted, which is nice. last night the streets were coated with a thin sheet of ice. not so nice. but the dogs have had a great time playing in the snow. dave thought he wanted to play in it, too, but quickly changed his mind when his little furry feet got wet. we would have preferred a bit more snow than what we received, but we will take what we can get.

as it began... you couldn't see the mountains...

about an hour into the snow

the dogs were very excited to have snow in their own yard. they may not know it is snow, but they know what to do in snow... run and play!

about 2 hours into our snow... which is about all that really accumulated.

stopping for a picture (when one looked, the other turned away)

alicia and i had taken orion and the girls on a walk just as it started to flurry, and after a couple of hours of snowfall, she brought orion down to play with the girls. cotton enjoys playing with him, and now that she is bigger, it is no holds barred as far as she is concerned. barley, on the other hand, isn't his biggest fan, but is getting better.

dave... realizing it was wet outisde... trying deperately to get back inside.

the girls, obviously excited

orion and cotton about to play

barley joined in eventually

cotton was tired (she ran faster yesterday than she has in a long time) and gave up and made the younger pups play around her. :)
random items
on two separate notes, one which is a follow-up from a recent post (because i am sure you are all dying to know what has happened with dave's grass-eating habit) and the other is just a home decor update. i bought dave some cat grass yesterday at petsmart, in hopes of curbing his desire to go outside and eat dried up, crunchy grass. he is loving his personal green spot.

and, on a home decor note, i have hung up a few more pictures on our walls.

the "foyer"

over the couch (my grandmother painted this)

in the hall (cross-stitched by my mom)

also in the hall, opposite the guest bath (cross-stitched by pam welch)

in the kitchen (also painted by my grandmother)
and, today, the mountains have returned...


anita said...

great places for all the pictures! thanks for the updates. i could tell that the girls had a great time in the snow!!! orion is really getting big! he is almost the same size as the girls like you said! talk to you soon.