happy new year!!!

i am about to go to bed after a long new year's night at work (our floor is full, with a couple of people waiting for beds... lots and lots of babies!).  but, i wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year from jay and myself.  we hope that the new year treats you even better, or just better, than the last one.  and if it can't get any better than last year... well, surely it can.  :)  


Brad and Becca said...

Happy New Year, sister! We saw Marley and Me yesterday- I sobbed like a little baby. So sad.

Thanks for the compliments on the house. We have fun decorating, and Big Lots is close to the house so we take advantage of the deals.

Four Christmases was really funny. If you don't go see it in the theater, definitely rent it. It was a hoot!