it is always boring. i am not made to sit behind a desk 5 days a week. especially when someone is talking about something i already know. or, at the very least, know about. but that is standard for most hospitals and orientation. so that is how my week has been so far. boring. yes, i have learned a few things. and i have learned that even though we are now on est, only one hour ahead of nashville, it is strangely a hard adjustment. but, being a night shift girl, getting up early, consistently, in the morning is hard. oh well. i am whining. i will have pics up of the apartment soon. we got a storage unit today and plan to move most of the boxes to it tonight. there are a few that we haven't had time to go through, but most of everything is unpacked. i think that's good since we got our things on friday and it is wednesday now. and we have been working! so i will probably get those up this weekend. hope everyone is well!


Amichien81 said...

I can't wait to see your new place!!! Love you guys!!!

We get our wedding pics on Friday. I'll email you a link as soon as we do.