happy june!

okay. so it has been over a week since i wrote. i can't believe that. it has flown. i have been working this week on my floor at the hospital. mother-baby. it is family-centered care for mom and baby together. since where i worked before was family-centered, it was also mommy sleep friendly, too. but here they very much encourage babies staying with moms as much as possible. doing tests and procedures in the room. i didn't think i would like it, but i actually do. i am learning about feeling and checking a fundus. fun. so long as everyone is "well" then it's ok. haha in a perfect world... but i was able to do some things today and get "checked off" on them so i can function more on my own and am becoming more comfortable with the mom/adult side of things. so that is how this week has been. i am soooo not a day shift person. the personalities here aren't so bad on days but it is really hard for me to get up at 530am. so it'll be good to get to nights- which will be 2-3 more weeks. the dogs have been going to doggy day care. sounds crazy, but they can go and run around and play all day and not be cooped up in a crate. it is less than $30/day for both dogs to go. so we are lovin' that. and when they come home they are exhausted! which is great, too. they get to socialize and get exercise. important for biggo doggies. we still have some boxes laying around. hope to get to those this weekend and put them in storage so we can walk without walking into cardboard. i guess that's about it. not much else going on around here. we have a contract on the condo and a back up if something happens with the first one. so hopefully that will continue to work out. selling a house is a pain. i had no idea. so we are really hoping it will be over soon. if all goes well, we will close the end of the month. ok. think that is all. i feel bad i haven't put any pics up lately. so here is one. that doesn't have anything to do with anything!