views from the open road

ok. i have had some time this afternoon, sitting in my one chair, with the airbed leaning up against the tv... i grabbed my camera so i can share some pics from the drive up. the dogs are currently at my feet, gnawing on bones. dave is hiding somewhere, probably wondering where the furniture is so he can have more hiding places. haha which, the furniture, by the way, is coming tomorrow mid-morning. well, the furniture and about 80 boxes and everything else we own. yippee! the other end of moving... the unpacking. so it still doesn't seem like we have moved yet. but it doesn't seem like vacation either. it's like limbo. anyway, let's dig in the picture file and see what is there.

my car was filled up, as was jay's, with what we needed before the movers made it. jay had the dogs in the very back of his land cruiser and i had dave, in his crate, in my front seat. (who is now in my lap.)

here is jay with the girls. we stopped in knoxville at sam's to get gas. up there and in asheville it is less than $3.00/gallon. sadly, it was exciting!

i knew we were getting closer when the sign for the next closest big city changed from knoxville to asheville. it meant the end was in sight! it was, however, about 2.5 hours before we made it (which it never takes that long) but we definitely took our time to get here yesterday.

this post wouldn't be complete without a picture of dave on it. here's the scoop with dave. as you can see, maybe, he is sleeping with his face against the side of the crate. b/c he did not tolerate the medication well, dave would have "fits of rage" where he would paw and climb up his crate walls, meowing intently, hoping our pity would set him free. tough luck. then he would fall asleep and be so still and stiff that he looked like he was dead. it was bizarre. and, if you did not know, cats have a third eyelid. (look it up on wikipedia) his were closed so he could only see out of about 1/4 of his eye. he looked like a little kitty demon. but he is normal again. (praise the lord)

once we get our stuff in the apartment and get some things hung on the walls, so that it looks more like home, i will send pictures of that as well. until then...


Amichien81 said...

Oh, poor Dave and his third eyelid!!! I hope the girls are adjusting well. My brown and yellow ones are crashed on the couch and in the la-z-boy. We miss you guys!!! I can't wait to continue working my up to the new stuff. :) Love you!