barley von labrador

well, jay and i are truly crazy. about a month ago, we decided that cotton may need a new playmate. we met a girl at one of the bark parks, named stacy, who has a yellow lab about cotton's age and a new yellow puppy. zeke and boaz, respectively. they quickly became cotton's new best friends and we convinced ourselves cotton needed a friend. jay has always wanted a chocolate lab so we found a litter and picked one out. and she has turned out to be fabulous. her name is barley. we wanted to name her something that had to do with chocolate, but that no one would really get. barley malt is used to make chocolate malt. and so that is where her name comes from. she is cute and spunky and loves to be up high looking down on things. she already thinks she can catch birds. never misses a meal. plays great with cotton. and is the most submissive dog i have ever seen. (which is good and bad.) but we love her and so does cotton. (dave even likes her now.)