"it's in a box"

well... the movers made it to nc. we have all of our stuff, and so far, nothing is broken! (and dave has lots of places to hide.) the cable man finally came so we have our own internet and digital cable. we get our phone another day, apparently. we have unpacked about 15 boxes already. that doesn't even make a dent, but we will eventually get this apartment turned into something nice and functional. we can cook now, so that will be helpful. anyway, we are starving right now... i have been promised mexican food! i have taken pictures of our apartment when it was empty, so once things find their new homes, i will send before and after pictures. happy long weekend!

p.s. we had good news from our realtor today... someone is VERY intersted in our condo, so pray she is and it sells!!


Anita said...

good morning! how's everyone doing? i know you're glad to finally have your things in your new place! now, where is that shower curtain? I know you'll find it somewhere "in a box" !!!
your sweet niece isn't feeling well and i'll let you know later what's wrong, she's going to the dr. this a.m., not drinking, vomiting & rash w/fever....
lets hope this person buys the condo! i'm praying very hard! i need to go and check your mail.

love you all