we made it. we got in yesterday around 4:30pm est. yes, we are in a new time zone! crazy. 11 o'clock news. everything is on an hour later. of course, until our cable is hooked up, we can watch abc and a very static-y CW. haha fabulous. and we have an airbed. and one outside chair. but we made it. and the pets made it. dave barely made it. he had a bad reaction to his sedatives (all the animals received sedatives before we left) but dave didn't have much fun with his. so he was a bit of a mess. but he has recovered well and we are surviving. i have shopping 2 miles away... everything i would need (i.e. target) and i know how to get to work. so for now, that is good. well, we are still in need of our stuff. it is on a moving truck somewhere, hopefully on its way, soon. we'll see. but i will put pictures up later. we took some on the way. love you all!