busy day of posting

well, i usually don't have much time to sit around and blog all day, so today is a day for two posts! i took the dogs for a walk... together. on one of those leash things so that you can walk two dogs but only hold one leash. yeah, one of those. so they are worn out! yeah! and i can do whatever i want and not have to yell too loudly. it is lovely. but i wanted to post some new pictures and they are all a little bit random, so this will be the random-catch-all post. and, oh, we have had lots of nibbles on the condo so hopefully soon someone will bite! we just attended a party for patrick's graduation. (congrats, patrick, on your masters!) and shannon assisted in taking a dennis family picture with our newest member, courtney. check that out and a close up of my sweet little niece.

and, of course, i always have new puppy pictures. we have since discontinued use of the puppy bed b/c barley is growing faster than we can keep up with. but they both thought they needed to be in it. together.

silly dogs. they also like to play dress up. well, they don't like it as much as we do, but they tolerate it for our amusement.

well, i think those are all the pictures i wanted to share. now that i have figured out how to do it, i am becoming quite proficient. and i think you are now up to date on things with the conkin's. :)