step back, elmo... grover is cutest in this house

*grover is the best muppet ever. seriously. not elmo. not big bird. not kermit. but grover. and, thanks to jay, we have our very own 3 foot grover. he's not of the puppet variety, but he is stuffed and furry and cute. so here is a little bit of information on grover. the best. muppet. ever.

Grover is a lovable, furry, wide-eyed, blue monster who sees the world from a four-year-old's point of view. Excitable and compulsive, he is always willing to help, but he rushes into things without thinking of the consequences. He has limited experience and few analytical skills, so he usually ends up doing things the long way around. Children identify with his difficulties when he tries to be helpful and with his long suffering bewilderment with adult logic. They also identify with his fantasy as "Super Grover," as a way of feeling more confident and competent. His speech pattern is meticulous, and he never uses contractions.

With a grin on his face and a bounce in his step, Grover-the self-proclaimed "world's cutest monster"-is always bursting with energy and curiosity. This sometimes gets him into trouble in the real world, but his mommy helps him out as she tells her furry little son to keep trying.

Birthday: October 14

Favorite Song: "Monster in the Mirror"

Best Friend: Kermit (no one else has the patience)

Quote: "Hello every-bod-eeeee!"

Likes: Anything and everything; doing whatever Ernie and Bert can do

Dislikes: Phone booths without doors (supermonsters need their privacy, too!)