simply Fall.

we have no shortage of falling leaves around here and the ones outside our home were blown into a very nice, large pile last weekend.  i thought it would be fun to hide mary's bumbo and sit her amidst the leaves for some great fall pictures.  little did i know she would be enthralled with the crunchiness of the leaves and so excited that the bumbo was quite visible as she would sweep her arms across the top and move the leaves all about.  she had a blast outside in the leaves!  it is so fun to watch her experience the world.

Absolutely giddy!  We live in such a beautiful place, by the way.

Checking out the leaves by the fistful.

Wondering why I am interrupting her!

So intrigued by the crunching and texture.

"Oh, you just thought you'd "hide" my Bumbo mom.  Here, I moved these leaves for you!"

Finally caught a smile on camera!