meeting the greats, part one.

we took a trip to TN last weekend so mary could meet her great-grandparents (my paternal grandparents).  mary has met her great-mamaw stella, but we got to see her too, so it was an extra special trip.  she did great in the car on her first trip.  she did not nap so well when we were there but still slept all night so we can't really complain.  it was so great getting to see everyone.

my grandmother had a stroke in may and her memory is getting worse.  we weren't planning to make a trip to see everyone until Christmas but i really wanted my grandmother to meet mary while she was still aware of what was/is going on.  you'll soon see in the pictures that it was so worth the trip down.

getting some love from great mamaw stella (i had to pretend to be playing with my phone in order to get a picture).

meeting great grandmama and great granddaddy dennis

they were all happy to meet!

pops (my dad) bought her the outfit she was wearing.  it seemed appropriate on all levels! (it says "grandpa adores me.")

my beautiful grandmother with her 5th great grandchild, 2nd great granddaughter.

i love this one with all of our hands.

mary took a little nap after this picture and i know she got heavy but grandmama wouldn't give her up!

i have (quite) a few more pictures to share so that is why i have the trip divided into multiple posts.  these memories were too sweet not to share and make the trip worth every moment.