3 months.

Dear Mary,

You are a little over 3 months old now-  14 1/2 weeks if we are really counting.  You continue to be a sweet baby who has yet to meet a stranger.  You are a smiley, laid-back girl who tends to just go with the flow.  Well, most of the time.

You are still in size 1 diapers but we are really pushing it with them.  I am trying to use the last of the ones we have before we move up a size but your belly and rolls may protest.  I imagine you are at somewhere around 11 1/2 pounds and I know you have grown in length.  You are about to outgrow most of your 3 month clothes.  Some of your onesies still fit but your pants are all too short. Most of the 6 month clothes are too big so you're back to being in between sizes.  

You are doing so many new things now!  You are starting to laugh.  You are "talking" a lot now and practicing different pitches.  You are chewing on your thumb a lot and drooling... we all think you may be teething.  Your daddy got his first tooth at 4 months so it's quite possible.  And you can roll over from your tummy to your back.  

You love to watch and observe things.  You are a nosy girl!  You love to face out when being carried around so you can see what's going on.  I love that you want to know what's going on in the world around you.  I hope you are always curious and that it drives your learning.

You hold your hands together frequently and sometimes it looks like you are praying.  It's precious.  I hope you will love going to church as much as we do when you are older.  Your daddy bought you a book of children's prayers recently to add to your library.  We'll have to start reading all of your books soon.

You are such a precious girl and I love you more every day.