meeting the greats, part two.

mary spent lots of time with her grandparents.  i took my camera when we went to jay's mom's house (she's still not sure what her "grandma" name will be.  for now, we'll call her gigi.)  but i did not get my camera out at their house.  i know.  i'm a bad mom.  they got lots of pics on their phones so i'll have to get them to send me some.

mary also met her great aunt janice and was re-acquainted with her great aunt regina and met her great uncle steve.  she also met her uncle phil for the first time.  she'll get to meet her cousin courtney at Christmas time.  i've been told, however, that courtney loves to watch the videos of mary that i send to mom's phone.

meeting great aunt janice (my mom's oldest sister)

meeting her great uncle steve

chilling out with uncle phil

playing with her great aunt regina (who met her when she was 1 week old)