meeting the greats, part three.

while in tennessee, i got to spend some time with my best friend rachel and her daughter maggie.  i hadn't seen maggie since she was mary's age and she'll be two in december!  we had a great visit catching up and discussing motherhood.  rachel and i have been best friends since kindergarten and it doesn't matter how long we go in between chats- we pick up right where we left off.  i am so lucky to have a few friends whose friendships run this deep.  

mary and "aunt" rachel

maggie (and mary's mimi) checking out elmo's restaurant

maggie meeting mary

mary wanted to be down on maggie's level and intently watched her play.

working on her tummy time

maggie telling us "bye"


Rebecca Louise. said...

Mary you're growing too quickly!!!!

Rachel said...

Cute! Love this post! Mary and Maggie are the smiliest two babies I've ever known!