4 months.

Dear Mary,

You are now 4 months old and you continue to grow and change daily!  We often find you chewing on your fingers.  We still haven't seen any teeth yet but there are other signs that they may be coming sooner than later.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  You seem to always be doing something new.

You can still roll from your tummy to your back but you haven't figured out that you can do it all the time.  You have rolled from your back to your belly once although you did get stuck on your bottom arm.  You have learned that you can throw your legs and hips around and by doing so you can turn yourself in whatever direction you want to face when you are lying on your back.  

You are still a fairly happy and smiley girl.  You have such a sweet personality and you continue to share your smiles with most people that you meet.  I think it will help you with stranger anxiety by living in the community that we live in because you will always be around lots of people.  And a lot of these people adore you!  

We finally moved you into size 2 diapers and hopefully we'll be in them for awhile.  You are starting to fill out your 6 month clothes although they are still too big.  We have a hard time keeping socks on your feet.  You have learned that you can rub your feet together and will do this until your socks come off.  I can't blame you, though- I hate wearing socks too.  We moved you into your room and crib a few weeks ago and you are doing great sleeping in there.  You seem to even sleep a little better in there than  the bassinet.  We still swaddle you at night, which you love, and you will generally sleep between 8-9 hours each night.  

Your hair is still a medium brown and seems to be getting thicker on your sweet round head.  Your fingernails are always sharp no matter how many times a day I cut them or cut and file them or just file them.  You also like to rub those sweet eyes so you always have a few scratches on your face.  

You remain a constant source of joy and I cannot believe I am writing your 4 month post.  Time is going by way too quickly!