silly sisters.

hey, it's me, cotton.  i haven't had mom help me write a blog post lately so i begged her and she said yes!  i am still not sure about that thing they brought home about 4 months ago.  they call her mary.  she spends a lot of time with mom and some with dad.  but we still get attention and food so we try not to complain.  barley still sleeps a lot and so do i but sometimes i really like to play.

barley was sleeping the other day but mary was playing in the floor with mom and it was so cute- she kept watching me and turned herself around so she could see me.  so i gave her a show!

see how she was turned around to watch me?  i thought maybe she might want to play with me, too, so i brought her my toy to see if she would throw it for me the way mom does.

mom told me "no" and that mary wasn't big enough to play with me yet so i gave in and decided to just lay next to her.  i mean, after all, she was really watching me so i thought i'd make it even better by laying next to her.  then i was up close and personal.  

i like to give mary kisses on her face, hands, and feet.  barley will sometimes kiss her cheek or toes.  we both like her "okay" i guess.  mom and dad keep saying we'll love her when she is big enough to eat and drop food on the floor.  i guess we'll have to wait and see.  but she's okay for now.