WW- week 3.

we are still getting settled around here and school started back this week so life has definitely been busy!  i am not complaining by any means but we're still trying to get into what our new routine will be.  i am definitely enjoying my first whole weekend off this month.  mom came and visited and helped us a lot from helping with registration at school and she even did some laundry.  (okay.  a lot of laundry.)

but yes, it's been 3 full weeks of weight watchers.  ww "yelled" at me this week for losing too much weight.  little do they know i am not even exercising like i should be.  so here's the latest weigh in results...

starting weight:  168 lbs.
previous weight:  163 lbs.
week 3 weight:  160.8 lbs

Difference:  -2.2 lbs

3 week total:  -7.2 lbs!!!

i wish i had pictures of anything- but i don't.  i'll try to get pics of anything soon!


Rebecca Louise. said...

Your doing well girl!

Becca said...

You're doing great! I'm so proud of you!