stream of consciousness.

movers come on thursday!  i am in the "if it's not in a box yet, it's gonna be in one soon" mode.  i don't care if it came from the bathroom or the kitchen.  okay.  i do care.  i will not mix those items!  but if it's laying around it's gonna end up in some cardboard.  or the garbage can.  or the recycle bin.  and wow, pat sajak's hair is super fake blonde/beige.  yep.  wheel of fortune is on.  i am getting hungry.  the dogs, i'm sure, are hungry.  they are always hungry.  and bored.  i have a couple of new bones stashed away for them to keep them occupied later and they are going to sparky's wednesday through thursday.  dave goes to his new home tomorrow.  sounds like he's gonna be an indoor/outdoor cat.  we'll see how that goes... he's a bit spoiled.  haha!  i'm sure he'll let them know where he wants to be.  :)  i am less of a pack rat than i used to be, but good Lord, between jay and myself (and our furballs), we have accumulated a lot of stuff in the last 3 years.  at least moving helps to purge some of the junk.  it's hard to believe we were the first people to live in this house and we've only been here 3 years.  it's great to start fresh in a fresh place.  we are so lucky that they renovated our apartment for us at school.  fresh paint, a new kitchen and guest bath await us there.  there is so much to do and i guess i should get up and keep moving.  make some dinner.  feed the dogs.  fill up some more boxes.  take some more stuff over to our new place.  watch the bachelorette and see who ashley chooses!  (i love cheesy tv reality drama!)  that's what's on my agenda.  one day at a time, too.


anita said...

Give "Master Dave" a hug from his "Mimi" please! I know he'll be taken care of at his new home. Hmmm, indoor/outdoor????