unpacking something new.

packing up to move is definitely no where nearly as fun as packing for vacation...  i said this earlier this week and meant it 100%.

unpacking after moving is definitely more fun than unpacking after vacation.  i mean this, too.

there is so much anticipation when you pack for vacation.  it's usually some place fun.  you are going to escape life's worries and troubles and hopefully you get to relax.  maybe sit in the ocean and soak in some vitamin D where "the only worry is the tide gonna reach my chair."  

and while i may not see the beach before the end of 2011, there won't be that dread of having to unpack at the end of a relaxing week.  instead...

this is my new view as i am unpacking to begin a new adventure.  we moved into our provided housing at Christ School and i am embarking on a new point in my career as a nurse, a new sense of community living on campus at a boarding school (and i never lived on-campus at college), and a time to simplify some areas of life and have a fresh, new start.  


anita said...

What a beautiful new view to see every morning! Another part of your journey.... can't wait to see it soon!