nothing exciting.

well, as i sit here thinking i have nothing exciting to post and no new pictures, i completely forgot that mom sent me pictures she took from her visit in august.  we are still slowly getting settled into our new place.  we still have lots of boxes hanging around but we're getting there.  goodwill is a lucky place, too.  in fact, i may make a trip there tomorrow.  the animals are doing well.  dave is still with us but he'll be making a trip with us to nashville soon and he will stay there with our friend barry.  she said she'll gladly take him.  cotton is doing well and has adjusted well to the move.  barley has had some male "stranger" anxiety but seems to be getting better.  she's been sick this week after (we think) eating the filling out of an old bone.  she has doggy colitis and is on a bland diet (for dogs, this is chicken, white rice, and canned pumpkin) for the weekend and on an antibiotic.  she definitely was back to her old self today but her body was telling other stories... you don't want to know.  let's just say "bless her heart."

but yes, i did report that i have pictures to share.  mom took some when she came to visit our "new" place at school.  now, it is only new to us as this building we live in was built in 1938.  it has a lot of character.  we are still in the process of getting unpacked and settled in, so pictures of our actual "home" will have to wait.  but here are some of the outside and areas around campus.

the dining hall- where we eat most of our meals.

the football field; student center is the building on the left.  a dorm is what you see on the other end of the football field (in front of the mountains)

tennis courts (these sit below and behind the dorm at the end of the football field)

the track with the upper soccer/lacrosse field in its center

the "lower" soccer field

the hill that kicks our tails when we take our walks

our front steps on the wellness center (home)

the "right side" of the WC- the two window units are in our nurses' office and the nurses' bedroom.  the end is one of the "sick rooms"

the left side of the WC- the far left with 5 windows is our living room and the windows next to it is our laundry room.  the others are part of the med room of the WC.  

our guest room.  Cotton and Barley love the low window sills...

...because they are nosy!

our old doorknobs.  they all have a "skeleton" key but we discovered it's for locking the deadbolt they all have.  

so that's a bit of our new place and landscape.  we're slowly getting settled in here and hope to continue to make it feel like home.


anita said...

Glad to hear that Barley is doing better! The bland diet for dogs.... is the same for people... minus the pumpkin. I'm still on the chicken & white rice.

Becca said...

Very lovely place!!! I'm sorry that Barley was sick. Glad she's on the mend. I hope they're ready for some company in November!