it's amazing what you come across while you are packing up a house.  i found a card from a friend/coworker of mine from williamson medical center that she gave me before we moved from tennessee to north carolina.  i loved what it says and find it still fits our lives now.

Listen to your heart...
follow your own star
and dream your own dream.

There wouldn't be a sky
full with shimmering stars
if we were all meant to wish on the same one.

There has never been
and there will never be
a dream exactly like your own,
because you are so wonderfully unique.

As you follow your dream,
always do your best-
there are no shortcuts
on the path to true happiness-
so give all that you have
in all that you do.

And above all things,
believe in yourself,
for you are as amazing
as the stars themselves.

-Linda Staten


anita said...

Very true indeed!