my lips are in love.

it's true.  they are so in love with a new (to me) lip balm that i am not allergic to!  that makes me so happy.  the catch is that i don't know (because i haven't looked it up yet) if they sell it here in the states.  my sweet and dear friend, ashley, sent it to me for my birthday from south africa.

before i met my new love, my current favorite was aveeno.  i have only found it at target and usually buy 3-4 at a time.  at least now i have 2 lip balms to choose from.  it's nice to have options again.  and my lips are in love.  (if you have seen labello here in the states, comment and let me know where!)


anita said...

Never heard of that brand.... will have to do some researching on it!