check out our "blizzard"

i woke up yesterday afternoon (yes, i worked all weekend) to the power shutting off... how did i know the power went off? my room became very quiet... i sleep with a sound machine. it was about 3pm. i got up not expecting to see much snow on the ground because they always say we will get it and we never do... well, they finally got it right! and we did get power again around 4:30pm only to lose it again around 6:30pm (jay and i actually witnessed that transformer blowing out) and then it came on again around 8:00ish and stayed on the rest of the night. (surprisingly.) it was so windy that, while it was snowing the hardest, we couldn't see the houses on the street behind us and we could barely see the ones across the street (why they called it "blizzard conditions".) the sides of the house and windows were covered in snow and it is hard to know exactly how much snow we accumulated because of all the drifts the wind created. jay went out to brush the snow off the

all the snow on the window
jay's measurements of the deepest snow drift

view from the front porch

snow-covered front door
after capturing the view from the front yard, i cut through the house, of course, and captured a few shots from the back porch. (the first picture is of the back yard.) it was really pretty, extremely windy, decently cold, and surprisingly winter. it was so windy and the snow was so wet that the dogs didn't play too much... until their after-dinner outing... they both got some blow dryer time after that excursion!

the snow plastered against the back of the house and the kitchen windows (the wind spared none of the four sides of the house)

the patio drifts

towards the neighbors

today it is still quite windy and most of the pretty drifts in these pictures have been blown away. it has taken us from may of 2007 until now to get a real snow in asheville, but it was worth the wait. (and i am sure i speak for myself when i say that if it takes 2 years again, that'll be okay with me!)


Angel said...

wow it all looks so pretty! We actually got a lot Saturday night... about 3 inches in the 'Boro.

anita said...

I know what you mean.... it's pretty to see falling from the sky and covering the ground but also good when it's gone for safe travel to and from where ever. Although I don't think I would like to experience the "blizzard conditions" that you and Jay did! TTYL....
Love you all.

Brad and Becca said...

Looks pretty! I wish we would get something like that once every blue moon, too. I'm glad the power wasn't out too long for you guys. That's the worst! Thanks for the pretty pictures! Love ya!