looking forward

we are looking forward to vacation in 2 months. in fact, we will already be at our destination in 2 months time. we have not been on a real vacation (i.e. for an entire week that hasn't included going to visit family/friends- not that this is a bad thing) since our honeymoon. our friends, becca and brad,
invited us along with them to cape hatteras. the dogs will even be joining us, too... yes, 2 yellow labs, 2 chocolate labs, 4 adults, one rather spacious beach house, 2 SUV's, 1 beach... sounds fun, right?! so we will be going here

and we will be staying here

and we absolutely cannot wait! jay's not super excited about the long drive, but we are excited about seeing the rest of north carolina on our way to the coast and the outer banks. it should be great fun and it is quickly creeping upon us... vacation will be here before we know it. (and i am definitely looking forward to that!)


anita said...

I know that you'll have a wonderful time!

Carolyn said...

Looks awesome! Enjoy. X.

Holly said...

Looks like a great trip, with an awesome house to stay in! :D

Brad and Becca said...

I CAN'T WAIT EITHER!!!! :) We're looking forward to it, too. The dogs are going to have so much fun! Yea!!!!