list maker

i make lists.  for everything.  lists for the grocery store.  lists for what to try to accomplish on a busy day of cleaning the house (keeps me from procrastinating as much).  lists for Target so i don't buy $100 worth of stuff i don't need every time i go.  lists for what to pack on trips.  lists for what to do in a day of errand running.

during lunch last night, i enjoyed flipping through january's RealSimple (a great magazine- you should treat yourself to it next time you are anywhere that sells magazines (unless it's Target and you've already spent over $100 and you only went in for sunscreen and a birthday card) and found this list titled "the to-do list you can actually do."  it's fantastic, and i think you might all be able to do this in a day, too.

  • hit snooze.
  • shampoo; rinse; repeat.
  • forget to floss.
  • eat a bagel.
  • forget to put laundry in the dryer.  clothes can be permanently pressed (whatever that means) tomorrow.
  • screen phone calls.
  • see mailman coming and realize netflix and bills are still on the kitchen counter.
  • get sucked into a movie on Lifetime.
  • grow anxious as meredith baxter (birney?) murders the dad from 7th heaven.
  • put off remaining duties while reading celebrity gossip.
  • decide for yourself "who wore it best?"
  • skip pilates.
  • eat a burrito.
  • pick up the world is flat on nightstand.
  • read paragraph.  put book down.
  • leave eye makeup on.
  • lights out.


Carolyn said...

You forgot 'eat chocolate'! :-)

Kate Hollis said...

Ahh, now that I can manage!!!

Brad and Becca said...

I can totally do all of those things! :)