a bright (white) sunshiny day

i thought you all might like to see some pictures of our snowy mountains today. after the sun helped to melt the ice on the roads, we ventured out (to walmart, of course!) and to visit alicia at work (poor thing) and got some great pictures of the mountains.

the top of our street in the neighborhood

mt. pisgah

looking towards the black mountains

pretty mountains over walmart

another pretty shot over our target shopping center (yes, check out all my shopping!)
after our little excursion, we came back and i took the dogs out to play. we still have a couple of snow drifts in the yard, and they had a great time playing in and eating the snow.

the drift behind the chairs grew overnight

the girls were having a great time playing in the snow

sweet barley and her snowy nose

both girls enjoyed eating the snow

cotton in the drift, having a snack


anita said...

The snow is beautiful!!! I know the girls had fun playing and eating it! Like our sweet Duchess used to do.
Thanks for showing us the pics of the mountain ranges. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Brad and Becca said...

Looks like fun! Those look like happy, little mountains!

I can hear Barley nomming on snow from here!